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What Scares me Most about Warrantless Taps

Wiretapping has been in the news a lot. I think we all accept that the truth is that all of our calls, all of our text messages, and probably all…

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Cable Merger Maddness

So the merger between Comcast and Time Warner is off. Now we have Time Warner and Charter proposing to merge. Why do these cable companies feel the need to merge?…

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The UCaaS Infonetics Scorecard

IHS Infonetics publishes a very interesting annual scorecard for North American Cloud UC. From the press release: Topping Infonetics’ 2015 North American hosted cloud UC scorecard are 8×8, West IP…

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Microsoft: Continuing to Change UC

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Marty Parker leads a discussion with the UCStrategies Experts about Microsoft. Joining the call today are Phil Edholm, Simon Dudley, Dr. Joseph Williams, Jim Burton, Kevin Kieller, Michael Finneran, Roberta J. Fox, Dave Michels, Art Rosenberg, and Jon Arnold.

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Skype4B and PSTN UCaaS is an E-Ticket Ride

Admission at the Disney parks now covers all the rides, but it wasn’t always that way. My dad worked at TRW and what I considered to be the biggest benefit of…

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Dear Dave 1

In May, Dave Maldow and I recorded a conversation dubbed Chatting with Dave.  There’s quite a bit of overlap between UC and video, and I really enjoy my conversations with…

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Credit Card Passwords

Overseas, to use a credit card you must insert it into a chip reader and then enter a 6 digit PIN number. The chip makes the card impossible to duplicate….

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My Line-less Deskphone

I have a great phone on my desk. It’s a Grandstream GXP-2160 SIP/VOIP phone. What’s odd about it is that it isn’t connected to the Internet or IP phone system in…

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Dave Michels

About Dave

Dave is a self-proclaimed Tele-communications Contemplator. Most industry professionals gravitate toward the role of Analyst, Consultant or Journalist, but Dave blends all three as a professional Contemplator. Learn more →.

A Password Strategy

It’s well documented that the most sign-in common password is “password” and that “123456” is next most popular. To combat hacking these trivial passwords, organizations impose password rules. The purpose…

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What is Doomed, End of Life, Kaput (or Should Be)?

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts are posed the question, “What is Doomed, End of Life, Kaput (or Should Be)?” Topics could include technologies, vendors, practices, or “anything else.” Dave Michels moderates the discussion, and is joined by Art Rosenberg, Kevin Kieller, Don Van Doren, Michael Finneran, Blair Pleasant, Marty Parker, Steve Leaden, J.R. Simmons, Jon Arnold, and Simon Dudley.

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My Travel Tricks

I am not a hardened road warrior but do typically travel a few times a month. Here’s a few of the devices and practices I rely upon: Power Strip: I…

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Big Break for Microsoft Phones

Microsoft got rid of Nokia, and everyone is talking about the death of Microsoft Mobile. I think otherwise – getting rid of Nokia was probably the best thing that could…

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Questioning Age Old Discrimination Policies

I’m going to argue FOR age discrimination here. I know that’s politically incorrect. I’m “elderly” now, and boast nearly a 40 year career that’s been pretty amazing, actually. I’ve worked…

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Encrypt the Email

If eMail were encrypted and secure, your bank could email you your monthly statement. Your doctor could communicate directly with you. Your life would be a lot simpler. It’s surprising…

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Recent Briefings 070515

AC Rules. It never occurred to me how the popularity of teleworking may be impacting the HVAC market. I know that I bought an air conditioner for my home office…

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UC Experts Engage on Avaya

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss Avaya in the wake of their recent analyst consultant conference held in conjunction with IAUG in Denver. Marty Parker moderates the conversation, which includes Experts Roberta J. Fox, Dave Michels, Phil Edholm, J.R. Simmons, and Art Rosenberg.

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Passwords in Asia

I travel the world, especially Asia. I can tell you that by and large, computer security in Asia is better for the average user than in the United States. You…

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Passwords, The Fifth Amendment, and Thumbs

How does the fifth Amendment apply to passwords you might ask. Let’s say that the police want to perform an inspection. Perhaps you had a baggie of oregano in your…

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Why Does Voice Mail Still Exist?

There is an increase in frustration regarding voicemail. The last big upgrade was unified messaging which means the messages now arrive in our email. But that is not enough to…

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What if Adobe Flash is NSA Spyware?

What if the NSA’s super reliable and super secret way of getting into computers was Adobe Flash? Flash is well known for being a big piece of unnecessary bloatware. And,…

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Why the Slack Bubble Will Burst

Slack is a fascinating phenomenon. The company was only launched 16 months ago. Last April, it reported 750k “active users.” It is a freemium business application with an unusually high…

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Don Joos 2

ShoreTel 2.0: Transforming for a Hybrid Future

In this Q&A, CEO Don Joos shares his vision for remaking ShoreTel as a company that can play on the premises, in the cloud, or at a cross-section of the two.

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