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Passwords in Asia

I travel the world, especially Asia. I can tell you that by and large, computer security in Asia is better for the average user than in the United States. You…

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I’m Dave, your personal Telecommunications Contemplator. Most industry professionals gravitate toward the role of Analyst, Consultant or Journalist; I blend all three via commentary, research, and perspective on current enterprise business communications. You’ll find interviews, podcasts, and independent research here.

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Passwords, The Fifth Amendment, and Thumbs

How does the fifth Amendment apply to passwords you might ask. Let’s say that the police want to perform an inspection. Perhaps you had a baggie of oregano in your…

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Why Does Voice Mail Still Exist?

There is an increase in frustration regarding voicemail. The last big upgrade was unified messaging which means the messages now arrive in our email. But that is not enough to…

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What if Adobe Flash is NSA Spyware?

What if the NSA’s super reliable and super secret way of getting into computers was Adobe Flash? Flash is well known for being a big piece of unnecessary bloatware. And,…

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Why the Slack Bubble Will Burst

Slack is a fascinating phenomenon. The company was only launched 16 months ago. Last April, it reported 750k “active users.” It is a freemium business application with an unusually high…

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I Did Need a Smart Watch

Colin here, and you may recall that I previously bought and returned an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch experience was terrible. I now have a “Pebble Time” watch. The Pebble…

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Verizon: You Expect Too Much

I have had a lot of problems with Verizon lately. Callers hear my phone ringing even though my phone isn’t ringing. After spending a few hours on the phone with…

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Remembering the 1ESS

I’m wondering if there are any more #1 ESS switching systems in service. There were a dozen of them three years ago. I haven’t heard since. I really would like…

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Dave Michels

About Dave

Dave is a self-proclaimed Tele-communications Contemplator. Most industry professionals gravitate toward the role of Analyst, Consultant or Journalist, but Dave blends all three as a professional Contemplator. Learn more →.

Can WeChat Catastrophe?

It seems clear to me that chatting appls (like WeChat) are emerging as a major trend in personal and business communications. Everybody in China seems to be on WeChat, and…

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Latest Podcast

Messaging-First Conferencing Solutions

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Dave Michels moderates a spirited discussion with the UCStrategies Experts about what he calls “messaging-first conferencing solutions,” such as those provided by Acano, Biba, Slack, and Unify Circuit, Cisco Spark, and Interactive Intelligence Collaborate. Also participating are UC Experts Dave Stein, Michael Finneran, Phil Edholm, Evan Kirstel, Jon Arnold, Kevin Kieller, and Steve Leaden.

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Verizon Sold its Towers

Verizon is a $120 Billion a year company. They are, more than anything else, a cellular telephone company. So it is forgivable that they sold off their landline business in…

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A Few Things in Common Between ININ and Cisco

Last week there were two worthwhile simultaneous events: Interactions 2015 and CLUS. Interactions 2015 was hosted by Interactive Intelligence in Indianapolis, IN. CLUS, or Cisco Live, was hosted by Cisco…

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Happy Flag Day

Colin here. I hope that everybody will show proper respect to the United States flag. I thought it would be good to take a break and share how not to…

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The Microwave Skyway

The “Microwave Skyway” was the first coast-to-coast linking of the United States using microwave towers. Built in 1948 and finished in 1951 it was an amazing accomplishment. Microwave towers were…

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The Eras of Voice

There’s lots of ways to look at the different eras of voice. At Microsoft Ignite, Jamie Stark shared an interesting view regarding Four Eras of Voice. They were: Deregulation: Which…

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T-Mobile Rated Fastest on LTE

Who has the best LTE network? Verizon, of course, right? Um, no. Apparently, and quite shockingly, it is T-Mobile. They have the best and fastest LTE network. Really, I can’t…

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Recent Briefings 060815

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Plantronics has an interesting new headset that appears to have it all: wireless, active noise cancelling, and dual-ear. In a previous post I talked about distinguishing music-first…

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Don’t Count Xiaomi Out

You may not have heard of Xiaomi, it is a cell phone company that is growing at three times the rate of Apple and is now the second largest smartphone manufacturer…

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Verizon Can’t Hear Me now

I spend a lot of time in Asia. Increasingly our operations and growth is in Asia. Plus, it’s an interesting place. So coming home to the US is always refreshing….

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Keeping up with the DiDatas

The channel is changing, and the Solution Integrators (SIs) and Global Solution Integrators (GSIs) are the benefactors. Dimension Data (DiData) is living proof. The UC/Telecom industry has predominately relied on…

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Coming to Android – a Cloud

Last week Google previewed the upcoming release of Android – M. There’s lot’s of interesting and worthwhile features, but most of the sizzle isn’t in Android but Google’s complementary services….

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Don Joos 2

ShoreTel 2.0: Transforming for a Hybrid Future

In this Q&A, CEO Don Joos shares his vision for remaking ShoreTel as a company that can play on the premises, in the cloud, or at a cross-section of the two.

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