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TalkingPointz | Research, analysis, and thought leadership for enterprise communications.

Research, analysis, and thought leadership for enterprise communications.

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TalkingPointz Research on Digium’s Switchvox

A new TalkingPointz Report! I had intended to write these more frequently, but got wrapped up in some full time projects. I do plan to get more of these posted…

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I’m Dave, your personal Telecommunications Contemplator. Most industry professionals gravitate toward the role of Analyst, Consultant or Journalist; I blend all three via commentary, research, and perspective on current enterprise business communications. You’ll find interviews, podcasts, and independent research here.

Learn more about what TalkingPointz is and how it came to be, and dive right into the PinDropSoup blog, where it all got started.

TalkingPointz Research Resumes

A funny thing happened to me on they way to my new forum. I used to post on Blogger (PinDropSoup.com). Blogger was simple, and with no real effort toward SEO…

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TalkingPointz Uber TeleNewsfeed

One place to view all the news. On this blog, Twitter, and Facebook, TalkingPointz is regularly posting news feeds from across the VoIP, UC, telecom industry. This is a work…

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Word is Getting Out on TalkingPointz

It’s a new brand.   It’s a new concept. It takes time, but the word is getting out. TalkingPointz Research reports are independent UC research that can be purchased ad-hoc, without…

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TalkingPointz and Comedy

I love comedy. I’ve learned more about life and what’s important from Seinfeld than anything else. My pseudo nannies were Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. When my grade school buddies…

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TalkingPointz Report:NEC Published

The first of several TalkingPointz reports on UC vendors is now available. NEC. Previously known as Nippon Electric Company, but NEC changed its name in 1983. I thought I knew NEC…

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Announcing TalkingPointz

Welcome to my new site: TalkingPointz.com – the new home for PinDropSoup. It was four years ago this month that I started PinDropSoup as a telecom blog. A lot has…

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Latest Interview

Steve Kokinos

Thinking of Phones

Steve Kokinos, CEO of UCaaS innovator Thinking Phone Networks, gives us the lowdown on where the company is today and where it’s headed.

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