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TalkingPointz Research Report for Mitel Featuring MCD 5.0

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Five years ago, purchasing a new PBX wasn’t very complicated. The brands didn’t have huge feature disparities, prices were similar, and the value proposition was well understood. Selection often boiled down to personal preferences around the dealer or endpoints. Today, the solutions are not even attempting to match each other, they are actually growing further apart through specialization. Rapid innovation, and the vagueness of “unified communications” makes vendor comparisons extremely difficult, if not impossible. Major UC investments are not made frequently, so IT decision makers cannot be expected to be current on the offerings, or in even understanding the possibilities.

TalkingPointz research reports offer an in-depth examination of a single solution. The reports provide potential buyers the information needed to confirm and validate a UC solution. Each report provides a balanced perspective of a given solution and insights on how to maximize the investment. Unlike voice, unified communications touches broader elements of an IT strategy – certainly phones, servers, desktops, but potentially mobile apps, social networks, video systems, conferencing and collaboration, virtualization, and core business applications. IT leaders need to go into these strategic decisions armed to the teeth with objective information.

TalkingPointz research reports are self-service, on-demand, extensive research and opinion. No subscriptions, no operators standing by, no recordings or reassurances of how important your call is, and no account manager. Purchases are confidential. The reports simply provide candid, objective, and balanced information. Pricing information is not included as these solutions generally require custom quotes. Also, side by side vendor/product comparisons are not included – each report focuses on one solution – however, a general market overview with market share information is provided.

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