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Mitel CMO Etherington Out

Unexpected – Martyn Etherington, CMO at Mitel is leaving the company this month. Martyn joined Mitel in August of 2012. His tenure there was less than three years, but a hell…

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Speaking up about Mute

Two observations about mute. A lot of people don’t know when to use it and almost as many don’t know when to turn it off. As a home-based worker, most of…

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Selecting a Wireless Carrier

Colin here. A lot has changed with the pricing plans of the wireless carriers recently. It’s almost hard to keep up with them. So I will help. Let’s say you…

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Gift Idea: Head PHONES

Remember when it was only DJs that wore headphones? (what’s a DJ?) Of course I totally get it – I wear headphones everyday myself. I wear a headset at my…

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Who the heck is Crown Castle?

Colin here. T-Mobile has sold off all of their towers to Crown Castle for $2.4 Billion. AT&T Sold their towers to Crown Castle for $5 Billion. Now, Verizon wants to…

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Not The Ansible You Are Looking For

In case you’ve been in a coma, Unify launched Circuit last month. Circuit is the manifestation of Ansible, announced by Siemens Enterprise Communications in the summer of 2013. Confused? Let…

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Is the FBI Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

Colin here. The FBI has verbally attacked Apple because Apple’s products are relatively secure. The director has even stated that Apple is allowing users to “place themselves beyond the law.”…

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T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling…Pennies from Heaven

The T-Mobile WiFi calling feature came to iPhone users with the iPhone 6. It’s actually a well-refined feature that has been on the T-Mobile network for years, and this seasoned…

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Verizon is Messed Up

Colin Here. Verizon is a seriously deranged and inept bureaucracy in my opinion. Well, really, so is AT&T, but historically Verizon has had a markedly better network and better customer…

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Latest Podcast

UCStrategies Yes or No Game

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Dave Michels moderates the UCStrategies version of the “Yes or No?” game. Dave reads a unified communications-related statement and calls on UC Experts to offer opinions on whether the statement is accurate or not. Participating this week are Experts Michael Finneran, Marty Parker, Steve Leaden, Art Rosenberg, Kevin Kieller, Roberta Fox, and Martin Steinmann.

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Google Inbox for Gmail

Lots of companies are on a mission to find a new way to work – including Google and thus the new email interface called Inbox (for Gmail). Email in general…

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Colin here. One of the more unfortunate cell phone compatibility issues were going to have to live with for the next decade is TD-LTE. It is the “TD” part that…

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Verizon VoLTE: Terrible, Horrible, Awful

Verizon’s voice quality on their CDMA is the worst of all major carriers in the US. This 20 year old waveform compression technique has long been obsolete and gives voice…

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Defective by Design – Verizon Customer Service

Colin here. So, you find that you have been over-billed and you can’t work it out with the Customer Service representative. There is clearly an error, but your choice is…

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Out of Office Responders

I have stated many times that out of office responders are nonsensical, at least in name. Not long ago – a decade or so – being out of the office…

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Peter Drucker on UC

If you are not familiar with Peter Drucker, he was an Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author, whose writings contributed to the philosophical and practical foundations of modern business….

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3rd World Phone Service in the US

Colin here. I really think that America may have cell service that ranks it as a Third World country. Let’s compare it to a real live Third World country such…

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Starting A Video Call On-Time

I do prefer video conferencing over audio-only meetings, and I find myself increasingly annoyed with audio-only forums. The audio-only call remains popular, but the excuses are getting weaker, like bad…

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Rat Nests and Progress

Colin Here. One of the first things that people notice when they come to Thailand is the wiring running down the street. It’s a rats nest. Literally. It’s simply amazing…

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Split-Up or Shut-Up

In a recent interview, investor superstar Marc Andreessen told Bloomberg’s Emily Chang at the Salesforce Dreamforce Conference on Wednesday.  that if a technology company is more than 20 years old, then “they’ll…

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Safe Wi-Fi-ing

Colin Here. Hopefully you are aware that if you connect to a WiFi hotspot that doesn’t use a password you are basically sharing all of your data with the world….

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Latest Interview


Decoding WebRTC with Erik Lagerway

When I have questions about codecs and IETF standards, I turn to Erik Lagerway. I caught him in the midst of packing for his trip to the upcoming IETF 88 meeting….

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