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Which Encryption Can You Trust?

Colin here. The simple answer is that you can no longer trust any encryption systems. Read this again: almost all encryption systems are fully compromised at this point in time.HTTPS,…

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I’m Dave, your personal Telecommunications Contemplator. Most industry professionals gravitate toward the role of Analyst, Consultant or Journalist; I blend all three via commentary, research, and perspective on current enterprise business communications. You’ll find interviews, podcasts, and independent research here.

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An Office Without Phones

Colin here… I have written a few times about how I am seeing our office use phones less and less. We’re seeing a steady decline in the number of minutes…

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I Chat with WeChat

Colin here. I have finally broken down and become an avid WeChat user.What, you never heard of WeChat? My understanding is that it is the most popular text/chat service in…

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The Price of $1 of Punishment Varies

Colin here. If you get caught stealing a 99¢ song you can be subject to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Plus, the United States government will step in…

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What it Takes to be a Market Leader

Colin here. As an executive in a company I’m occasionally asked my opinion about what it takes to become a dominant player in an industry, preferably the market leader. I’ve…

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Kill the Lightening Connector

Colin here. It is time to kill the proprietary, incompatible do-nothing Lightning cable on Apple’s iPhones. This non-standard cable provides no benefits to the user. It’s a pain in the…

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Someone Stole My SIP Trunks

Well, I did it. I committed the cardinal sin – and got caught. Default passwords on my phone system. Yesterday, I got hacked.  About 3 AM my phone started ringing…

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Why Aren’t Your Products Better?

Colin here with a thought about product quality. I am known for being a bit intolerant of poor quality products. While out of my official turf, I just don’t understand…

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Avaya Has a New Stadium

During the weekend, the San Jose Earthquakes held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new stadium. The team also hosted its first game in the venue.  a preseason game against…

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Latest Podcast

UCStrategies Reviews Enterprise Connect 2015

UCStrategies was well represented at Enterprise Connect 2015, presenting, moderating, and participating on panels. In this Industry Buzz podcast moderated by Michael Finneran, the UCStrategies Experts discuss what made this year’s event stand out. The conversation includes Jim Burton, Blair Pleasant, Don Van Doren, Kevin Kieller, Phil Edholm, Evan Kirstel, Steve Leaden, and Dave Michels.

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Bad for US: AT&T And Verizon

Colin here. I know I harp on this topic a lot, but I really believe that AT&T and Verizon are causing America great harm. They’re causing our country to be…

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V&riz@n’s net$w(k iz starti&g to s*uck

Colin here: Most of our folks have switched over to T-Mobile these days. They have free unlimited data worldwide* and that’s just compelling for a global operation like ours. Now…

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The Telegraph Beats Out the Telephone in the End

Colin here… Before the telephone was invented there was the telegraph. The telegraph was a lot like a text message or an email. You would write your message down and…

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It’s Coming: EC15

It’s that time of year again. Enterprise Connect is upon us. As usual the conference will be held the third week of March, in the Gaylord Palms hotel in Orlando Florida.  This…

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The Holy Grail of Cell Phones: Global

Colin here… An amazing thing happened recently, and very little fanfare was given to it: The global cell phone. It’s long been the bane of globe trotting road warriors to…

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Management Ethics in a Global Company

Colin here. Most employees can sidestep ethics questions because they have limited latitude to make decisions. A soldier cannot make any ethical decisions about those who he kills as that…

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Office365 and Comcast

My home/office gets Internet from Comcast. We tolerate each other, and do our best to avoid communications. In terms of broadband Internet there really isn’t a viable alternative. For the…

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What to UC in 2015

2015 is off to a bold start. Here’s a handy guide for some of the drama to watch for this year. ALUE ALU who? With regards to ALUE, most of…

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The Problem with Looking Back at People Looking Forward

Colin here. There has been an articles circulating around about how Arthur C. Clark really foresaw the future in 1976. A Huffington Post writer expressed it thusly: Yet, Clarke, with…

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Life with a $70 per extension PBX

Colin here… So we are deploying these PBX systems that are costing us $50 to $70 per extension including the multi-line feature phone and then PBX (see prior post). This…

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Radio Shack: Goodbye old friend

Colin here. I learned about electronics by buying parts at Radio Shack and building concoctions. I remember Radio Shack being the king of CB radios in the days of Smokey…

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Latest Interview

Don Joos 2

ShoreTel 2.0: Transforming for a Hybrid Future

In this Q&A, CEO Don Joos shares his vision for remaking ShoreTel as a company that can play on the premises, in the cloud, or at a cross-section of the two.

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