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Call Recording Rules

Federal law requires notification of call recording to at least one party. That is supposed to keep away unauthorized wiretaps (yeah right). If you are aware of the recording of…

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The Clean Office Debate

For decades there has been a lot of debate over whether offices should be clean or messy. There is certainly no definitive answer on this. I’ve had top employees that…

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California Bolsters BYOD

This week a California appeals court ruled that employers must cover the costs of employee cell phone usage that are related to work. Courts don’t make rules, they interpret them and…

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Every premises-based vendor eventually needs to make a decision on its cloud strategy. Enable others to become UCaaS providers, become a UCaaS provider, or both. 1) Enable Providers: This is the popular and…

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DirecTV for $50B?

AT&T is spending $50 Billion to purchase Direct TV so that they can re-enter the TV business. You may recall that in 1998 they also entered the TV business when…

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ShoreTel Update

At the Recent Wainhouse Summit in Santa Clara, I made it over to Sunnyvale to check-in at ShoreTel World Headquarters.  I consider ShoreTel a contemporary because we both got into telecom about…

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TSA is Powerless

The TSA has a new policy in place. When flying back to the USA your iPhone or smartphone must power on. If it is broken, or cannot power on it…

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Dave Michels

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T-Mobile Hits Home

I have to say I am a huge fan of T-Mobile’s CEO, Legere. He’s one of those people who really gets it. He’s fresh thinking and hard driving. He certainly…

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A Few Thoughts on Hangouts

I’ve said before that Google isn’t that serious about enterprise communications. My main proof point was the bungling of the Google Voice opportunity. I’ve been using Google Apps from nearly…

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Next-Gen Cellular Voice

Colin here. What is the future of voice and cellular?I believe that HotSpot 2.0 and VoLTE are the most profound trends in cellular in the 3~5 year horizon. HotSpot 2.0…

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Post Wainhouse Summit Post

Last week was the Wainhouse UC&C Summit in Santa Clara, CA. The Wainhouse Bulletin has information on the sessions, so I thought I would share a few observations on matters from…

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Good Vibrations at Avaya

While in Santa Clara for the recent Wainhouse UCC Summit, I managed to connect with some peeps at Avaya World Headquarters, and was pleasantly surprised with the vibe. Good Vibrations….

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2 Things Interactive Nailed with PureCloud

In June, Interactive Intelligence announced PureCloud, its new cloud-based communications, collaboration and customer engagement suite. Many people already associate Interactive as a cloud company because of its early mover success…

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Cellular Maddness

For the past several years AT&T and Verizon have been like UPS and FedEx: copying each other’s pricing structures to the penny. (“Not oligopolistic says the US Supreme Court.”). But…

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5G Coming to a Pocket Near You

Colin here with a news flash: Cellular 5G is coming! [Sound effect of tires screeching] What does this new, profound breakthrough technology mean to us? How will it change our…

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