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IRS Scam Call

There is a major scam ring with people impersonating the IRS.This happened to my gardener and we called back and I recorded the call.Actually, it is quite amusing to listen…

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Thoughts on the Apple Watch

The big news last week was Apple’s watch. It tightly integrates with the iPhone and the price starts at $350. Everybody’s all excited about the Sapphire display glass which keeps it…

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Phones and iPhones in Thailand

I recently posted an article talking about the iPhone 6. You can buy them in Thailand before general availbility. The real ones, not copies. The copies are also starting to…

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2014 Hype Cycle

I added a few UC components to the 2014 Gartner Hype Cycle Gartner’s Hype Cycle Report provides strategists and planners with an assessment of the maturity, business benefit and future…

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Fuze for Enterprise

If you haven’t checked out Fuze lately, they are worth another look.  It’s a video/WebEx type service with a very compelling freemium model. Besides the pricing, there’s a few things…

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Mobility with Video

A few thoughts on ShoreTel Mobility 8 ShoreTel released Mobility 8 last month (Aug 8). ShoreTel Mobility 8 includes the router and ShoreTel Mobility Clients for iOS and Android. The…

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New From Apple: The iPager

The team in Cupertino did it again. This device is amazing – the new iPager from Apple. Many people were expecting a watch, or iWatch. “Watches are ridiculously obsolete” says…

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Dave Michels

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Dave is a self-proclaimed Tele-communications Contemplator. Most industry professionals gravitate toward the role of Analyst, Consultant or Journalist, but Dave blends all three as a professional Contemplator. Learn more →.

Unify Heads to Santa Cruz

News recently broke that Unify intends to open an office in Santa Cruz, CA. If you are not familiar with Santa Cruz, it’s just west of San Jose, about 45…

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Cloud Security Headlines

This week there were two major security headlines that might cause you to think twice about doing business in the cloud. The first was the celebrity photo leak. A very…

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Getting out of a Tele-Rut

Colin here. America’s reaction to voice texting surprises me, but it shouldn’t.Since Apple announced that they were adding the ability to send voice messages as part of their text messaging…

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Kevin Kennedy on Leadership

A recent interview with Kevin Kennedy was published in the Economic Times. I find both Kennedy and Avaya an interesting quagmire. On one hand, they are the classic victim of…

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SCOOP! Touching the Real iPhone 6

Colin here. I can confirm that the iPhone 6 is real, and it looks like the photos you may have seen leaked on the internet. You see, I have now…

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The New Bell is Comcast

I grew up in the days of the old Bell System. It was a monolithic monopoly that was completely non-customer focused. It was an extraordinarily efficient company, but customer satisfaction…

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Google and Cloud Security

There is this impression that premises-based solutions are more secure than cloud-based solutions. While this certainly CAN be true, it is a far cry from being true. The vast majority of organizations…

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Challenge Your Stereotypes

One of the most difficult mindsets to overcome is “stuck in a rut thinking.” That is, being so set in your ways that you cannot think clearly or make quality…

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Mitel a UC Leader

Companies always refer to themselves as leaders especially in press releases. It’s generally a meaningless term unless of course its Gartner calling the company a Leader in the context of…

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Call Recording Rules

Federal law requires notification of call recording to at least one party. That is supposed to keep away unauthorized wiretaps (yeah right). If you are aware of the recording of…

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The Clean Office Debate

For decades there has been a lot of debate over whether offices should be clean or messy. There is certainly no definitive answer on this. I’ve had top employees that…

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