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T-Mobile Pricing Plans

Colin here. The question of the moment seems to be people asking me to explain the new t-Mobile Simple Choice pricing plan. This went into effect March 23. T-Mobile doesn’t do…

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Cisco Intercloud

The week after Enterprise Connect, at Cisco’s worldwide Partner Summit conference, Cisco announced Intercloud. Cisco will invest $1 B in the next two years to build its expanded cloud business, and we expect…

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The Future of Cellular

Apple users are familiar with FaceTime. It’s Apple’s proprietary VOIP service. You can make voice or audio calls between IOS devices. What is nice about FaceTime is that it works…

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UC Lies and Damn Lies

A study by the University of Massachusetts found that 60 percent of adults could not have a 10-minute conversation without lying at least once. The same study found that 40 percent of…

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Apple’s Two Face on Facetime

“Were going to the standards bodies starting tomorrow and we’re going to make FaceTime an open standard.” Jobs lied. I can think of no other word for it. Those words of…

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Dave Michels

About Dave

Dave is a self-proclaimed Tele-communications Contemplator. Most industry professionals gravitate toward the role of Analyst, Consultant or Journalist, but Dave blends all three as a professional Contemplator. Learn more →.

Cell Phone Bastards

Colin here. I’m getting pretty fed up with the US cell phone business. The deception, the smoke and mirrors, and the misinformation seems to feed an industry based upon cheating…

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It is Fraud alright

Colin here. I’ve recently written about how the phone company made a conscious decision to not stop Blue Box phone Phreaks because they were profitable, and I’ve written how the…

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Coming to America and Getting a SIM

Colin Here.  I  travel a lot. Half my life is spent on the road, usually traveling throughout Asia but pretty much anywhere. I meet a lot of business travelers and tourists….

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HD Voice – Kowabunga

I had reason to go down to Thailand to visit an operation there and when I arrived I pulled out my AIS SIM and put it into my iPhone. They…

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$20,000 per GB

We live in a world of almost free telecommunications. If you buy an IDDD SIM card in Hong Kong for USD$15 you will get 4 months of service and 240…

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Unlimited Cellular Voice

Colin here. What is happening to your voice traffic? I recently was talking with a telcom guy and asked what the trend was for voice traffic. I suspected  our data…

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Return to the BioDome EC14

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for my annual life-experiment when I live in a bio-dome for four days. Survival is a matter of foraging for celery sticks,…

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