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Can you Slimy Now?

Colin here. Let me start by saying that Verizon has in my opinion become the epitome of the schoolyard bully that we all hated. I recently left Verizon simply because…

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Thinking Like a Telco

Colin Here. It is interesting that the cellular industry views seamless transition of calls to Wi-Fi to be a big deal and very difficult. It’s a great example of how…

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PBX Users are Retarded

When I was young my teachers told me about the dangers of marijuana, and then retreated to the teacher’s “lounge” for a cigarette. Today, Marijuana is legal in my state,…

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We Built The Wrong Cellular Model

Colin here. Oops. We built the wrong business model for the cellular industry. When cellular was invented by the Bell System 35 years ago it was simply taken for granted…

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Vertical and Fulton Merge

From the stranger than fiction department, Vertical Communications and Fulton Communications merged. The new company will operate as Vertical Communications with Fulton continuing to operate under its existing brand through…

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Thoughts on the Unify Cuts

Last week Unify announced a major “restructuring” that will eliminate about 3800 jobs. That’s nearly a 50 percent cut which will leave about 3900 employees. The cuts will occur over…

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Forget UC ROI

Stop wasting your time with UC ROI tools. It’s that simple. ROI is for sissies. ROI, or return on investment, is a simple yet abused concept. The idea is that a…

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North America Should Join the World

Colin Here. The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) is the only region of the world which doesn’t follow the world standard for dialing. It’s time for us to get in…

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Calling Back to 1913

Colin here. In 1913 the Bell System entered into an historic anti-trust settlement known as the Kingsbury Commitment. It would be good to consider imposing this same commitment today. The…

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CCaaS Coming to a Center Near You

As with most things in life, technology adoption has bell curves too. Typically you got your advanced use cases on one end, and your simple use cases on the other –…

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BackBeat GO2 Headsets

At the recent UCSummit conference I got a pair of BackBeat Go 2 Wireless Earbuds from Plantronics. I found them impressive – music first yet acceptable for telephony bluetooth headsets….

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Apple users are familiar with FaceTime. It is Apple’s proprietary VOIP service. You can make voice or video calls between iOS devices. What is nice about FaceTime is that it…

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