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“Open” Android’s Closed Box Office

Interesting situation developed this week. Android Central reported that Google’s Android App for movie rentals won’t work on rooted phones. This decision by Google, “due to requirements related to copyright…

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FCC is All Talk

The Apple Appstore is a flawed, yet brilliant model. I’ve never liked it. I’ve complained about the censorship it represents in several posts, but theiPhonefan base considered the trade-off –…

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Android – Keep on Waiting?

I believe I want an Android phone. I am still using my Tmo Dash, which – has been the best phone I ever had. It is nearing 3 years old…

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Halo Wars: Appstore Blocks Google Voice

Google Voice recently released a clever application strengthening its offering. The application was released for Android and RIM/Blackberry phones. Supposedly aniPhoneversion is in the works. That was strange. Sometime not…

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Apple: Farts are ok, but no Snorting Allowed

The iSnort iPhone application is useless and stupid; a couple of notches below iFart (one of the top selling applications in the Apple AppStore). But the fact that only Apple…

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There Is No “i” in Phone

What to do if you need a new phone right now. There is really only one choice, and I’m not sure it is a good one. The gap between the…

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Don Brown ININ

Interacting with Interactive’s Don Brown

[This interview first appeared on NoJitter on July 16, 2015] Dr. Don Brown, CEO of Interactive Intelligence, is a serial entrepreneur with a history of success. His first software company…

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