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RIM:Back From the Brink?


I am a sucker for the underdog. I love the battle, the strategy, the market dynamics. The ‘We’re Not Number One, So We Try Harder’ mentality. I think that’s why…

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UC Alliance Anyone?


The Tech Sector had a rough month in May. Kevin Kelleher of CNN Money asks (but doesn’t answer) the question Why Are Blue Chip Tech Stocks So Blue? Exhibit A, of…

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10 Reasons Why RIM Won’t Die


It has been fun to kick RIM. Text book example of why incumbents get disrupted/ RIM owned/invented email on a mobile phone. They invented the smartphone. We used to call…

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Industry Update


The iPhone and iPad have broken more records than the iPod did CDs. Microsoft buying Skype was a game changer, but the new game remains a mystery. Here is the…

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Microsoft’s RIMshot


News today from Blackberry World is Microsoft partners with RIM? “We’re going to invest uniquely into the BlackBerry platform,” Ballmer said. “Bing will become the default search provider in the…

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  • @DaveMichels: Viewz> Alexa Why?: The future holds potential for an enterprise, speech-enabled virtual assistant platform like… - 2 hours ago

  • @DaveMichels: Cisco appears to be more dysfunctional that I thought. Looks like they have a new incompat SMB hosted voice service - the Cius is back - 14 hours ago

  • @DaveMichels: Checked with @Lenovo They say I have to pay a restocking fee regardless if I refuse delivery (unopened/new) or use it for 30 days. - 16 hours ago

  • @DaveMichels: I'm considering cancelling my new laptop. Do I really need one If Chromebooks are to support Android Apps? New Laptop $1500. New CB $300 - 17 hours ago


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My gRIM Prediction


I’ve always liked RIM. I remember being in a meeting where everyone had a Blackberry and I had a Sidekick  – I think that was when my feelings of inadequacy…

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The VoID in VoIP Applications


There are some things that the general disruptive VoIP telephony world does seems to agree on. It is all about applications It is not about cheap long distance VoIP makes…

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Vik Verma, CEO 8x8

8×8 CEO Has a Tiger by the Tail

[My interview with Vik first appeared on NoJitter on February 8, 2016] Vik Verma became CEO of UCaaS pioneer 8×8 in 2013, having been recruited into the company a year earlier…

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