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Privacy: Expectations and Reality

Colin here. It surprises me that people don’t understand when the constitution applies and when it does not. This is very relevant in today’s privacy-sensitive world with the NSA wanting…

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I’m Dave, your personal Telecommunications Contemplator. Most industry professionals gravitate toward the role of Analyst, Consultant or Journalist; I blend all three via commentary, research, and perspective on current enterprise business communications. You’ll find interviews, podcasts, and independent research here.

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A Password Strategy

It’s well documented that the most sign-in common password is “password” and that “123456” is next most popular. To combat hacking these trivial passwords, organizations impose password rules. The purpose…

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Encrypt the Email

If eMail were encrypted and secure, your bank could email you your monthly statement. Your doctor could communicate directly with you. Your life would be a lot simpler. It’s surprising…

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Passwords in Asia

I travel the world, especially Asia. I can tell you that by and large, computer security in Asia is better for the average user than in the United States. You…

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Passwords, The Fifth Amendment, and Thumbs

How does the fifth Amendment apply to passwords you might ask. Let’s say that the police want to perform an inspection. Perhaps you had a baggie of oregano in your…

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Safe Wi-Fi-ing

Colin Here. Hopefully you are aware that if you connect to a WiFi hotspot that doesn’t use a password you are basically sharing all of your data with the world….

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Cloud Security Headlines

This week there were two major security headlines that might cause you to think twice about doing business in the cloud. The first was the celebrity photo leak. A very…

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Fraud and the Blue Box

Colin here. A recurring, popular news theme is about hackers and the billions of dollars in fraud that they inflict upon the public. It’s a feel good topic that gets…

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Dave Michels

About Dave

Dave is a self-proclaimed Tele-communications Contemplator. Most industry professionals gravitate toward the role of Analyst, Consultant or Journalist, but Dave blends all three as a professional Contemplator. Learn more →.

Who is Securing Who?

Colin here. The NSA spying has been in the press a lot. Up until Snowden the NSA strongly professed it had no mass surveillance.  Now, it is clear that they…

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UCStrategies Reviews Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Marty Parker moderates a discussion about the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications (2015). UCStrategies Experts participating include Art Rosenberg, Dr. Joseph Williams, Kevin Kieller, Phil Edholm, Michael Finneran, Jon Arnold, Dave Michels, Steve Leaden, Roberta Fox, and J.R. Simmons.

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How to Secure Corporate Communications

Colin here. Probably the question that I am most asked anymore is whether we should use more encrypted communications to protect our corporate secrets and confidential information. The undercurrent is…

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Point to Point and PRISM

Colin here with a question: Does Point to Point Communications bypass PRISM? PRISM has been in the media a lot recently. And, it has raised a lot of questions about…

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Sectionalization of Comms Then and Now

Colin here. The internet appears to be doomed. Its been recently revealed that the US government is monitoring and recording most of the communications on the Internet. They do this…

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A History of Secrecy in Communications

Colin here. In light of the recent PRISM scandal where the NSA has been revealed of intercepting and recording most communications on the internet, it is interesting to take an historical…

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Does SSL Equate to Privacy?

Colin here. Perhaps the most frequent question I get asked recently is whether SSL/TLS security certificates protect the privacy of communications. Should we all switch to using SSL/TLS for our…

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Colin here. It’s very rare when an individual raises to the level that they are worth listening to. Steve Jobs was one of those people. Kim Dotcom may be another…I’m…

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Is Security That Complicated

Colin here. I recently had to set up an account with a US Government web site. I had a dickens of a time picking a password. They had amazing rules:…

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RIM:Back From the Brink?

I am a sucker for the underdog. I love the battle, the strategy, the market dynamics. The ‘We’re Not Number One, So We Try Harder’ mentality. I think that’s why…

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Do You Suffer from Nomophobia ?

File this under Things People Research When They Have Too Much Time. The following research was sent to me by, I thought I would share it. First identified in 2008,…

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Parlez-vous L33t?

You are most likely familiar with numbers being used to implicate letters, phrases or even symbols. In SMS (txting) shortcuts, for instance, 2 can also be used for “to”, 4 can…

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My Keychain

A lot of things are changing these days – books, newspapers, retail, communications, etc. But this one snuck up on me. Take a look at my keychain: Look ma, no…

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Don Brown ININ

Interacting with Interactive’s Don Brown

[This interview first appeared on NoJitter on July 16, 2015] Dr. Don Brown, CEO of Interactive Intelligence, is a serial entrepreneur with a history of success. His first software company…

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